21 January 2011

VID: What was it like being gay at BYU


Anonymous said...

Your hair cut looks very nice-very handsome.

Would it not be nice if there were a clause in the honor code that could give some leeway to people who are gay and either just coming to terms with their sexuality or with those who are gay and are tying to get graduated before they begin acting on their homosexuality?

(I did not go to BYU myself. I thought about it after my mission, but chose to go to another state university. I have had family members who graduated from the Y and I have heard differing opinions about several things there.)

I very much enjoy your videos. Thank you for the time you spend in making yourself and your story available to us.

love and respect, always.

mohoguy said...

Thanks for your video. I love your honesty. You will have a wonderful and successful life. Keep it up.

bradcarmack said...

Don't get me started on the lack of safety for BYU students in expressions of their religious feelings, sexual identities, conscience, and speech. http://bradcarmack.blogspot.com/2011/01/religious-freedom-not-at-byu.html

The honor code keeps me from being open with my bishop about issues I'm dealing with. This is a huge disservice. I guess it could be worse, though.

Thanks for the vid. I'm glad you can stay calm and soft-spoken. I fear I'd have an edge in my voice if I spoke on similar subjects.

I'm glad you had a solid counselor at the counseling center.

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