10 January 2011

PE: Gay Friendly FHE

For those of you who don't know what FHE is... it stands for "Family Home Evening." In the church, families are encouraged to meet together on Monday nights and have a lesson, activity, or other type of family togetherness. When you are away at college, wards form "families" of students where they can carry on this tradition.

Well, I have an awesome family of friends. We weren't assigned to be together and we live in different cities, but we all enjoy our family nights together where we teach and learn form the scriptures as well as enjoy the company. There are over 10 members. There are a few more guys than girls. At one time we had two "dads." The guys are mostly gay... a couple of them are bi. We've served missions, some of us attended BYU. Some of us have boyfriends. The girls are our friends. They are straight, but are just awesome.

So the reason I am talking about this is because it is so awesome to be involved in spiritual discussions in an environment where we can all be open and honest and comfortable. We can talk about how the gospel really relates to our lives. We choose to do this. But wouldn't it be great if places like this were encouraged and even set up by the church? Instead they would have us break all ties to one another.

I love hearing the testimonies and insights and experiences of my "family members." They are spiritually strengthening and serve as a reminder of why I believe. The gospel is still every bit as applicable to the gay individual, if only the church saw fit to administer it to us.


Anonymous said...

I agree COMPLETELY with EVERYTHING you wrote. In fact, over the several years I have been blogging, and in the MoHo community, I have OFTEN thought it is too bad we do not have gay wards, or a gay stake. And, I have some good ideas on who would be called to positions of leadership within those organizations... too bad that it has not yet happened. Or, will?

I really love all the different topics you throw out to us, to give us something about which to think. Thank you! You enrich my life.

Love and respect, always.

Gay LDS Actor said...

That's really terrific. I love hearing stuff like this.

Clive Durham said...

Wouldn't it be great to be able to enjoy the Gospel in an environment entirely free of fear. Maybe someday....

Gay Mormon said...

@Duck- You are so sweet. Thank you. And sorry that your team lost :/

@Clive- It would be wonderful. It is wonderful. I just wish that that environment was the one found at church.

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