When I was going through the painful process of coming to terms with my sexuality, I knew no one that could sympathize completely with my situation. It was a dark time in my life. A time that almost led me to ending my miserable existence.

But I made it through the storm. I found more happiness in this life that I ever thought I could experience. After finding that joy, it was no time at all before my mind was on all those people that were going through the exact thing that I barely survived, and that many of them were doing it alone, in silence.

I began this blog for several reasons. The first is to hopefully reach out to other gay brothers and sisters to help them know that they are not alone. To show them that options are not limited to the three we often feel we have as gay LDS people. That there is hope in a path that you can forge that would lead you to happiness.

The second is to hopefully help those people who might have a gay loved one in their lives. I hope my blog might be able to provide helpful insights that might lead to more understanding and encouragement in talking about this issue.

The third is to make a record for myself and others that might show one way to respond to difficult and trying circumstances and hopefully show the consequences (both good and bad) of the choices I make as I navigate this world as a seemingly total contradiction- a Gay Mormon.

I hope you feel comfortable leaving comments, asking questions, and sending your thoughts as we all attempt to gain a better, more Christ-like understanding as we begin to dispel the ignorance surrounding this issue.