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Anonymous said...

Jonathan.... I just got done with my 3 month interview proccess w the church about my being gay etc.... i am having to get my name removed, anyways... they keep saying how SORRY they are for me or how SAD they are for me, how SAD it must be, how SORRY they are that things couldnt be different. After a while of hearing nothing but that repeated over and over during my interview it just started to kinda get on my nerves and made me really irritated! I sat there going, "WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP TELLING ME HOW SAD OR SORRY THEY ARE, WHY CANT EVERYONE JUST GIVE IT A BREAK AND TRY AND FOCUS ON THE POSSITIVE FOR ONCE? let me put it this way.... If I went arround and constantly thought about how miserable and sad my life was then I can garentee u that I'd probably be a sad and miserable person....hehe.... Ive never herd of a truely HAPPY person who things nothing but SAD MISERABLE THOUGHTS all the time. It's just not needed! How Do I tell them to quite frankly "NOCK IT OFF" without coming off like a jerk?.... any advice would be much apricated.....thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, I really love your blog and clips from Youtube. I agree with u and now I have a question for you: How do I talk to my mormon family that not only I'm gay but also that I have my boyfriend, who is mormon as well, and that we are planning to live together???

Mark Walker said...

You know instead if the LDS church making people supress who they love...they should embrace it...make them follow the same ryles as anyone chaste. .fidelity and trust...encourage them to form long lasting and living doctrine teaches us tbat god has preordained the partner you will have in this life. .so are we not playing god ourselves by keeping them apart?

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Where to begin ... ?
I'm a few decades older than you. I was married for 9 years and I have 2 children. I never cheated. But I eventually had an Asian boyfriend for four years, a guy who has Borderline Personality Disorder who is rather hard to deal with and understand. He was partly responsible for saving my life when I attempted suicide. I was in a coma for a few days, which gave me a very real case of partial amnesia. I'm "officially disabled" as a result of being in a coma. I also was a BYU student once upon a time. I knew 4 gay missionaries on my mission, but that realization came only many years after the fact. My boyfriend was partly responsible for saving my life. He followed me here to Utah from California, but I've never seen him here, and I have more or less lost contact with him.

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