31 January 2011

VID: Gay-Dating


Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my question, Jonathan. That REALLY helped me to hear your perspective. You have given me a lot to think about.

I appreciate you taking the time to make this video and to give me specifics from your own experiences. You are wonderful!

love and respect, always.

And, I am glad you are feeling better!! Yahoo! :)

Boris said...

Dear Jonathan,

IMHO, you getting closer to TRUTH (albeit not necessarily the Mormon version). But ask yourself this: when you were in junior high/high school, whether in California or Utah (or Idaho, or Arizona, or Colorado, or wherever), DID YOU ENGAGE in gay dating? For that matter, COULD you have engaged in gay dating, or would you have been hounded, harrassed, put down, and/or bullied by your peers (and especially by your fellow Mormon peers) had you shown the slightest inclination to do so? Why does gay dating move so fast? In my experience, it is because gay socialization is so totally repressed by our homophobic society/community/religion during the very same youthful years when straight kids are encouraged by that same society/community/religion to begin the process of seeking a mate. Straight kids are taught to “control” their natural sexual instincts (not that they are all that successful in so doing), but gay kids learn early on to REPRESS their sexuality. So, is it any wonder, when we finally decide to be free from all that negative BS, we try to make up for all the time we lost? Unfortunately, lacking the support of society/community/religion, our early relationships tend to be focused primarily on SEX, and fall well short of even the average longevity of the first marriages or live-in relationships of straight couples.

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