28 December 2010

PE: Out For Christmas

As this year comes to a close, I can't help but smile. It has been a terrible, terrible year. A year I barely survived. But I made it... and now I am graduated, out, and ready to move forward with my life in complete honesty with myself and those around me. I am confident in my future and have finally learned to love myself. Just four months ago if you would have told me I would feel like this now, I would have laughed at you and then cried. I could not possibly see any happiness for me in my future.

Christmas this year was much more relaxing than years past. Last year we went to the Caribbean and, as much as I love seeing new places, trips like that take a lot of planning. Traveling isn't exactly relaxing. This year, we celebrated Christmas lite.  My family decided to get a dog this year as the "big gift" and so stress was low to go around shopping with the crowds trying to find gifts. I insisted that people not get me anything. Of course people did anyway, but it was so much less stress to not worry about gifts so much, or busy plans.

My boyfriend spent a couple days with me and came bowling, that's right, BOWLING with my family, my uncle and 2 cousins, and my sister's boyfriend for Christmas Eve. I know- classy. But we had a lot of fun. It was a relaxing, no-stress way to just enjoy each others company. It is also just nice to be completely comfortable with who I am with the people I love. My family is not ashamed of me and I am not ashamed of myself. What a great Christmas!


Too Hard Headed to Give Up said...

I can't imagine a better Christmas present than to be with people who are not ashamed of you, and (even better!) to not feel ashamed of yourself.

Merry Christmas!!!

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