21 December 2010

PE: The Holidays

It's been longer than I typically like to go without writing, but I'm still here. This last week was pretty stressful. It was the last week of school. And if studying for finals isn't hard enough, a certain someone came to visit that same week. My boyfriend and I have been in a long-distance relationship. He goes to school out-of-state. He was finished with school and was excited to see our friends and have some holiday fun. When work, finals, Christmas parties, and boyfriends are all mixed up and shoved into one week, stress isn't far behind. I never understood why people thought the holidays were stressful until this year.

I am officially done with school however, which is a huge relief. Now I just need to wait for my graduation to post. Once that happens... all this anonymity will no longer be an issue. I plan on "coming out" to the blog world on 1-11-11. Until then, I will need to maintain my somewhat shallow attempts at keeping my identity secret.

I think the Holidays are difficult in general for many gay individuals. Those that are in the closet have to pretend that they are the spitting image of the son or daughter their parents had in mind. Those that are out to their families but have been rejected have no family to spend the holidays with. Those whose families know, but don't want to hear about it make it impossible for their gay son or daughter to feel like their loved ones want anything to do with their lives. Many parents feel like simply pretending it doesn't exist will make it go away. In reality though, it just makes their gay son or daughter feel less and less "at home."

I am so lucky to have a family that accepts me and who makes certain that I am a part of their lives. I am so blessed to have a family who doesn't discount things in my life that I feel are important, but who give weight to the things I care about. I really hope that more families will welcome their children home with open arms in the coming years.


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