09 November 2010

PE: My Sister is so Funny

Ok, this post is going to be light and fluffy. So my sister is somewhat of a tomboy. No, she's not a lesbian. Geez people, stop type-casting. Both my sisters are straight despite the fact that they are both more manly than me sometimes. The sister I speak of is 20 and likes to skate and wear boys shirts (sorry boys, she's taken) and says things like "that's gay." So you can imagine the fun we've had with that since I came out to my family.

I guess you get a glimpse into the future installments of "My Story" with this post. I suppose it is kind of like reading the last few pages of the book when you are halfway through. Oh well.

Anyway, one night my mom and I were teasing my sister and she said, "you guys are a bunch of fags!" To which I exclaimed, "Rude!" This was probably the day after I came out to them and she was SO apologetic, but we were all laughing our asses off. (Sorry if my few instances of "foul" language offend you... sometimes it is just the best way to put things). She said, "crap, there is no way I can change my vocabulary at this point... it just comes out! I'm sorry!"

Then, a couple weeks ago, she was signing a birthday card for my boyfriend (oops, there goes another bit of info that we haven't yet gotten to) and she is a bit of an artist, so she took it upon herself to draw "Happy Birthday" in the card. Once she completed the beautiful and unique phrase (cough, cough), she said, "gah! This looks gay." A second later she exclaimed, "PERFECT!" after which she closed the card and handed it to me with a big smile on her face.

Gotta love her =)


Anonymous said...

It's good to laugh. Sister's are the best. ( =

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