27 October 2010


Hello. If you are at all interested in how a gay LDS 20-something year-old has come to reconcile his faith and his sexuality while attending BYU, this may be for you. If not, well... chances are you are bored and surfing the internet and why not peer into the experience of such a contradiction as I am. A Gay Mormon.

In this blog I will attempt to share with anyone who cares to read, my personal experiences with this "struggle" or "challenge" or "disease" or "mental disorder" or "gift" or "blessing" or "trial" or whatever else it is that you or anyone might call my homosexuality. I will also occasionally rant about things that spark emotional reaction and may not be thought through or edited in a way that would be politically correct or infallible in its bases. I will also post very well thought-out arguments with references and support that will treat reason, religion, and science as it has to do with homosexuality.


As of December 2010 I am no longer a student at BYU as I have graduated. I will no longer blog anonymously as there is no fear of being "reported" or otherwise punished for admitting to being gay. My name is Jonathan and I am 25 years old.

I encourage comments and questions and will respond to any emails I receive.

Are you ready?


Anonymous said...

I am ready, I hope this helps.

Bravone said...

Welcome, I too am ready.

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