27 October 2010

PE: Who Am I?

For many years, I did not know the answer to this question. I mean, I knew the primary answer. I was a son of God. But I didn't really know it. I just knew the right words. Most my life, I refused to accept a part of who I was, and could therefore never have a real picture of who this individual really was. Let me introduce myself.

I am a senior at BYU from California. I was raised Mormon and I would be your typical model of a mormon boy if you could watch the first 23 years of my life. I was that kid who all the mothers in the ward just loved to talk about. I advanced through the priesthood, served a mission, and came to BYU. I never got into any serious trouble. Right now I choose to stay anonymous for the sole reason that I do attend BYU. If I revealed myself now, I would be kicked out, excommunicated, never graduate, and have my academic records held from me, with only months to go. Stick with me a couple months, and we will be more formally introduced :)


I graduated BYU in December 2010. This blog, therefore, will no longer be anonymous.


I care about people a lot. The thing that hurts most it the thought that I may be hurting someone I love. I enjoy getting to know people and listening to their stories. I have always been good at school and love to think about abstract ideas and new concepts. I am completely comfortable with who I am (though this is a recent development). I know that God loves me. I trust myself enough to know when I need correction in my life. I am completely honest with myself and am also completely honest with others (with the exception of those that may seek to get me kicked out of school).

I am genuine. I stand up for my convictions. I want to use what talents and interests I have to the benefit of others. I recognize my limited understanding and am open to hear reasonable arguments whether they agree or disagree with my current opinions. I feel that it is important for me to review my beliefs and opinions every so often so that I can allow added experience and understanding to enlighten and educate me further. I seek Christ in my life and strive to be a better person as I reach out to others in need and try hard to withhold any judgment.

I am a brother, a nephew, a son, a friend, and a significant other. I am also gay.


Gawdun said...

Interested to see what comes of this blog

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Woowoo! California represent! ;)

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