17 October 2011

THT: Are You Prejudiced Against Gay People? Here's a test:

First, I have to say that this is no legitimate test... I was just thinking today and thought that this exercise would be interesting if it were actually done honestly and results were collected.

Try and answer these honestly:
  1. Would you want your child to be straight or gay? Why/ Why not?
No really. Think about it and answer.

Lots of people would say that they would want their child to be straight because being gay would be painful and cause pain and challenges that they wouldn't want their child to endure. Alright, fine. That is somewhat reasonable... but lets do this exercise again, but with a little twist:

Pretend we lived in a world where gays were treated equally. People's sexual orientation was of no interest to anyone and no one expected another person to be one way or the other and wasn't surprised or shocked one way or the other. Everyone had equal rights and equal representation. It was not a social taboo. Someone telling another person that they were gay was equivalent to telling him/her that their favorite color was green. In other words, there is no added stress or pain or discomfort to a person's life if he/she were gay.
  1. Would you want your child to be straight or gay? Why/ Why not?
Struggling on this one? With the seemingly justifiable, and even honorable (some would say) reasoning of "protecting a child from the world" taken away, all you have left is your own bias.

The world doesn't have to be a harsh place for gays. Gays don't have to have a hard time dealing with who they are. The problem isn't being gay, the problem lies in the minds of the people that make up society- you and I. So if you still would rather your son/daughter be straight... well, I hate to break it to you, but you are prejudice against homosexuals.

In reality, in either situation, the answer that a person who is truly without prejudice would give is, "It wouldn't matter to me either way. I would just want them to be happy the way they are."

Guess what... one day you may learn that your own child is gay. I hope you are not helping to create an environment where that child is fearful of what his/her orientation would mean to his familial relationships. I hope those ears won't be hearing prejudicial remarks at church, at home, and at school. That leads so the some of the greatest feelings of fear, sadness, loneliness, self-hate, hopelessness and depression that people can experience.

The time to get educated and stop the prejudice and fight for equality was yesterday. When it comes down to it, raising children isn't about getting what WE want anyway. The only thing I would want for my child would be happiness. Period.

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El Genio said...

That was a powerful clip. I may have to add that to my Netflix queue.

jimf said...

> Are You Prejudice Against. . .

**Prejudiced** is the adjective ("prejudice" is
an abstract noun, and not the sort of thing a person
can be [Are you freedom? Are you happiness?]).

Please, let's stay grammatical here!

Scott N said...

That is one of my favorite movies. I loved it even before I came out (to myself), but it was all the more powerful afterward.

My parents bought the DVD, without ever having seen it before. They watched it, hated it, and gave us the disc because they never wanted to watch it again.

... So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they're the way they are about me being gay...

jen said...

Good question.
I have a hard time imagining a place where a gay child will be treated equally... and because I can't imagine that I have a hard time even answering the question.

And...It's HARD to be different. I'm not gay, but I have always felt like I didn't fit. Finally finding a group of asexuals, and finally finding a label that fits me - that feels awesome. It's not like I believed I was bad or wrong - I just didn't know WHAT I was. It's been a really long, hard, journey, and I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Anonymous said...

Your not gonna like this, but try and give it the same acceptance you want to have. You are not gay, you are pulled to that sin. Am I not better because i am not pulled to that sin, No I have my own sins. Sin is sin, the problem is how satin has tricked you, he tells you that you ARE this instead of you are attracted to this. If he can get you to believe you can not change it he wins. Yes you are a sinner, yes you can not change that. But with Gods help you don't have to fall to that sin at least as often. You say you are attracted to have sex with guys, you are not, you like sex, well ya it fun. But you excersise self control even when your in a relationship. You don't just grab you partner and go for it despite thier feelings. So sex is always a matter of self control and not just doing what you want or the way you want to do it. Remember satin is subtile that is the first word use to describe him. You seem to be a decient person, its not your elders who are lying to you it satin. You are not gay. Fight.

Scott N said...

I confess, I often find myself tempted by satin...

Ethan said...

I am tempted by satin too… so shiny and soft… I never wear it though; I am just not that kind of gay… I mean tempted child of our heavenly father (gay is just easier to say).

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